In a world where the unexpected collides with the extraordinary, where waves of fate crash upon the shores of two distinct realms, unfolds the tale of 'Um Beirão de Sorte.' Inspired by the gripping allure of 'Turn the Tide,' the record-breaking Netflix series, emerges a new saga meticulously crafted by Licor Beirão, Portugal's number one spirits drink.
Embark on a journey between the idyllic town of Rabo de Peixe and the enigmatic, yet-to-exist Cabeça de Lobo. They are not merely separated by distance but by the extraordinary events that define their existence. While one grapples with the aftermath of tons of cocaine contraband, the other, a fictional frontier, hums with the newfound treasure of Licor Beirão.
'Um Beirão de Sorte' - Licor Beirão's audacious venture for the festive season of 2023. Brace yourself to turn the tide of your expectations.

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